Certified Angular Programmer

The AACPS Angular Programming certification is based on the open source web application framework that assists with creating single-page applications, one-page web applications. Its goal is to augment web applications with model–view–controller (MVC) capability, in an effort to make both development and testing easier.

Angular Programming is built around the belief that declarative programming should be used for building user interfaces and wiring software components. The framework adapts and extends to better serve dynamic content through two-way data-binding that allows for the automatic synchronization of models and views.

Angular Programming has various design goals:

  • Improving the testability of the code.
  • Decouple the client side of an application from the server side. This allows development work
    to progress in parallel, and allows for reuse of both sides.
  • Guide developers through the entire journey of building an application: from designing the
    User Interface, through writing the business logic, to testing.

Angular follows the MVC pattern of software engineering and encourages loose coupling between presentation, data, and logic components. Angular Programming methodology is most widely adopted

The Certified Angular Programmer Certification Exam is Theory based exam which contains multiple-choice questions multiple programming techniques. Exam is been closely monitored and proctored by the Accredited Examination Partners in more than 6000+ Accredited Training and Examination Partners located within 92 countries throughout the world.                                                     .

Theory Based Exam 
Duration : 1.5 hours 
Total Questions : 100
Passing Score : 55 Questions (55%) 

In order to achieve the professional certification of AACPS Certified Angular Programmer from the Association for Certification and Professional Studies there is no pre-requisite in terms of training. But we recommend individual participants to attend the Training conducted by AACPS Accredited Training Partner for the AACPS Certified Angular Programmer Certification Exam and achieve a passing score that is calculated based on points earned in the exam. There is no pre-requisite in terms of professional experience in order to appear for the AACPS Certified Angular Programmer Exam. For more information about this please refer FAQ’s section.                                                     . 

The candidates who wish to appear for the exam are strongly recommended and required to obtain Angular Programming training through an AACPS Accredited Training Partner and AACPS Accredited Trainer prior to appearing for the AACPS Certified Angular Programmer Certification Exam.

The result of the AACPS Certified Angular Programmer Certification Exam will be declared within 30 working days from the exam date. Upon successfully clearing the examination through AACPS Accredited Examination Centre successful candidates will receive a Soft copy Certificate within 15 working days and Hard copy of the certificate within 90 working days from the date of the declaration of Exam result. Successful Candidate name will be updated in Successful Candidate List within 90 days from the date of the declaration of Exam result. Professionals will also receive the Marks and AACPS Code of Conduct which should be followed while using the information on public profiles such as LinkedIn. Professionals may use the designation AACPS Certified Angular Programmer or AACPS CAP or any approved variation of the designation in accordance with the AACPS Code of Conduct.

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