Who we are?
AACPS is a professional association formed by experts with decades of rich global experience in various industries. The association prides itself in being a central repository for all knowledge related to management best practices and continuously strives to keep the repository up to date.

The quality of its study resources, use of technology to create user-friendly processes, simplified partner registration and trainer accreditation process, and the focus on interactive training methodologies distinguishes it in the world of management certifications.
The association has designed courses and certification exams which ensure that this knowledge is imparted in the most effective manner and a mechanism is created for the students to showcase their level of expertise.We have defined a tough accreditation process for training providers and individual trainers which guarantees that the training providers/trainers follow the high standards set by us.

AACPS is committed to growing and enhancing the Professional Certifications based on specific industry requirements and encouraging individuals to continually grow in their professional careers. AACPS Subject Matter Experts and panel of experts will continually research on the industry segments and will devise the criteria by which the industry recognizes qualified professionals and practitioners. We deliver professionally developed exams based on the experience and expertise of our Subject matter experts, so that we can accurately and precisely measure an individual’s proficiency in the specific industry domain.

AACPS will deliver professional certifications for both the public and private sectors worldwide that truly meet today’s industry requirements. AACPS delivers globally recognized certifications that can evaluate competence, know-how and domain expertise of individuals in today’s competitive and performance driven market.

AACPS will involve the Subject Matter Experts from industry to ensure the standards defined are truly representative of Methods and Tools used in every domain. AACPS will support the community of Certified Professionals and Accredited Organizations by upholding the AACPS Universally Accepted Body of Knowledge and a strict code of ethics as defined in the AACPS Code of Professional Conduct. All certifications will follow the respective Body of Knowledge designed by AACPS.

Panel of Experts

The AACPS Panel of Experts is a private board comprised of individuals from various industry segments and organisations with varied degrees of experience and expertise in their domain. This Panel of Experts are knowledgeable of developing the contents and all other aspects of the Certification programs. They strive hard to ensure that the certification programs are of the highest standards and quality.

The AACPS Panel of Experts develops procedures and processes to construct and strictly evaluate the examinations and examination items, thereby ensuring that the individuals’ knowledge and expertise on the respective domains are correctly evaluated.
The Panel is guided by a high degree of professionalism, professional ethics and privacy of the information related to the examination as defined in the AACPS Code of Conduct.

This Panel of Experts are assigned randomly to evaluate the Courseware prepared by our Accredited Training Partner(s) with utmost anonymity to ensure that there is no bias in decisions and guidance. The courseware is evaluated with multiple rounds of review to maintain the high quality and professionalism defined by us.

The Examinations are evaluated strictly as per the procedures and processes defined for examination evaluation under the supervision of Panel of Experts to ensure that the successful candidates are proficient individuals who can perform well in their individual domain of expertise.

Standing Committee
The AACPS Standing Committee is a private board comprised of experts from various industries with varied degrees of experience and expertise in their respective domain. This Standing Committee is empowered with handling the Certification Body of Knowledge, Appointing the Partners, Background check of Applicant Partners / Trainers / Proctors, Approving / Rejecting the Partners, Trainers and Proctors. They are also accountable for Knowledge sharing across the Partners, Quality reviews and Audits, Appointing / terminating Partners, Quality review of Courseware, Development and designing aspects of the AACPS Certification programs, Conducting Examinations globally, Approving results, etc. They work to ensure the highest standards are employed with regards to the Certification Programs deployed through the ASK Association for Certifications and Professional Studies.
Body of Knowledge
Body of Knowledge (BOK) for respective certifications serves as outline and an instruction guide for the certification programs. The Standing Committee compiles, organizes, manages, maintains and updates the BOK to ensure it remains representative of the professional certifications and standards for the respective domain.
Accreditation Department
The Accreditation Department reviews, accepts or rejects the applications for the Partners, Trainers and Proctors. They coordinate and ensure that the Partners are following the guidelines specified by the AACPS Standing Committee. They are empowered to validate the courseware as per the BOK of the respective certification.
Examination Department

The Examination Department develops and constructs relevant examination items to assess individual knowledge of individuals based on the BOK for the respective certification. The Examination Body is responsible for evaluating the Exams, declaring and distribution of results to individuals.

The Standing Committee is guided by professionals and experts to ensure high degree of professionalism. The Accreditation Department studies and explores the voice of the industry and follows strict code of ethics and privacy as defined by the AACPS standing committee. The Examination Department strictly follows the guidelines given by the Standing committee and Accreditation Department.
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