Accredited Examination Partner
An AACPS Accredited Examination Partner (AEP) is the proficient organization that fulfils the rigorous assessment criteria laid out by AACPS and can conduct the Examinations for the Individual candidates or at corporate locations on behalf of AACPS. The AACPS accreditation process provides the AEP an opportunity to ensure that their organization is following the latest industry best practices and can compete at an international level. The AACPS Accredited Examination Partner (AEP) uses only AACPS Accredited Proctor or Trainer for conducting the Examinations.
There are tremendous benefits in being associated with AACPS as an AEP. Few of those are:
  • When the AEP displays the AACPS Accreditation, it depicts to all those who wish to seek Examination on the respective domain, that the Examination organization follows the highest international standards for conducting Exams as guaranteed by the AACPS accreditation.

  • AACPS accreditation displays that the Examination organization uses only an AACPS accredited Proctor or Trainer who has the right ability to conduct and proctor the examination on the respective domain

  • AACPS accreditation depicts to all those who wish to seek Examinations that the AEP will follow the appropriate methodology as defined by AACPS

  • AACPS Accreditation displays that the Examination firm delivers the Examination in a robust and honest manner

  • This international accreditation can provide your organization an edge over your competitors and help you gain more business 

  • This accreditation permits the Examination organization to publicise that they are an AACPS Accredited Examination Partner

  • The AACPS Accredited Examination Partner is Licensed to appropriately use the official AACPS Accredited Examination Partner logo on your promotional and service portfolios and other materials with our prior permissions 

  • This accreditation will bring the Examination firms name in the Listing of the organization and its services in a searchable AACPS Accredited Provider Database, which receives between 40,000 and 80,000 visits per month
AEP Accreditation Criteria :
AACPS takes the approval of Accredited Examination Partners very seriously and has adopted a multi-stage process and defined criteria areas that organizations must comply with to earn and maintain the AACPS Accredited Examination Partner status. In these areas, Organisations must :
  • Provide evidence of legal existence – Certificate of Incorporation or Partnership deed

  • Provide evidence of organizational maturity or existence in the business for minimum of 1 year. This can be a declaration by your chartered accountant or the owner of the organisation

  • Provide your organization goals, mission and general strategic direction adopted by the company

  • Provide the Quality procedures and baselines that are followed in the organization

  • List of Proctors with their individual Profile and certifications if any

  • Demonstrate that your Proctors have an ability to proctor the Examinations 

  • Provide your company website and brochure or corporate presentation

  • Provide the Organisational Chart 

  • Provide the Proctor Evaluation process

  • Maintain Quality and trust with AACPS 

  • Abide by the rules and regulations defined by AACPS
AEP Accreditation Fees
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