Certified Program Management
The AACPS Certified Program Management is based on the AACPS Body of Knowledge (BOK) for Program Management which combines the concepts, principles, tools, techniques and practices from the different Program Management techniques and approaches. This certification tests your knowledge in the basics of Program Management practices and ensures that you can be a valuable member of Program Management teams.
Program management is the process of managing several related projects often with the intention of improving an organization's performance.

Program management is a practise and in its aims it is often closely related to systems engineering and industrial engineering.
In Program management the Program Manager has oversight of the purpose and status of all projects in a Program and can use this oversight to support project-level activity to ensure the overall program goals are likely to be met, possibly by providing a decision-making capacity that cannot be achieved at project level or by providing the Project Manager with a program perspective when required, or as a sounding board for ideas and approaches to solving project issues that have program impacts.
Typically in a program there is a need to identify and manage cross-project dependencies and often the PMO ( Project Management Office) may not have sufficient insight of the risk, issues, requirements, design or solution to be able to usefully manage these. The Program manager may be well placed to provide this insight by actively seeking out such information from the Project Managers although in large and/or complex projects, a specific role may be required. However this insight arises, the Program Manager needs this in order to be comfortable that the overall program goals are achievable.
The Program Management Certification Exam is based on the AACPS Body of Knowledge for Program Management. The certification has two components - Theory based exam which contains multiple-choice questions from each major section of the AACPS Body of Knowledge for Program Management and review of candidate profile by AACPS Subject Matter Experts. Exam is been closely monitored and proctored by the Accredited Examination Partners in more than 6000+ Accredited Training and Examination Partners located within 92 countries throughout the world.
Theory Based Exam :
Duration : 4 hours
Total Questions : 200
Passing Score : 120 Questions (60%)
Candidates will have to submit their profile exhibiting their extent of understanding of the practical application of Program Management. The profile will be evaluated by the Subject Matter Experts of AACPS.
In order to achieve the professional certification of AACPS Certified Program Management from the Association for Certification and Professional Studies candidate must mandatorily attend the Training conducted by AACPS Accredited Training Partner for the AACPS Certified Program Management Exam and achieve a passing score that is calculated based on points earned in the exam. The candidate needs to have a minimum of 3 years of experience in Program Management to apply for the AACPS Certified Program Management.
For more information about this please refer FAQ’s section.
The candidates who wish to appear for the exam are strongly recommended and required to obtain Program Management training through an AACPS Accredited Training Partner and AACPS Accredited Trainer prior to appearing for the AACPS Certified Program Management Exam. Review the AACPS Body of Knowledge and reference materials provided by AACPS Accredited Training Partner. Take advantage of the Accredited Courseware and sample exam provided by Accredited Training Partner.
The result of the AACPS Certified Program Management Exam will be declared within 30 working days from the exam date. Upon successfully clearing the examination through AACPS Accredited Examination Centre successful candidates will receive a Soft copy Certificate within 15 working days and Hard copy of the certificate within 90 working days from the date of the declaration of Exam result. Successful Candidate name will be updated in Successful Candidate List within 90 days from the date of the declaration of Exam result. Professionals will also receive the AACPS Certified Program Management Marks and AACPS Code of Conduct which should be followed while using the information on public profiles such as LinkedIn. Professionals may use the designation AACPS Certified Program Management or any approved variation of the designation in accordance with the AACPS Code of Conduct.
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