Accredited Education Provider

Are you a high profile Education Provider?
Do you offering a top-quality education?
Do you facilitate students in their academic pursuits?
Is your courseware accredited?
Is yourstudy material up to the mark of international standards?
If yes – AACPS will accredit you as an Accredited Education Provider.
AACPS accreditation as an Accredited Education Provider is proof that your school / college / institute / educational organisation are committed to providing an education which conforms to international standards.
An AACPS Accredited Education Provider (AEduP) is a high calibre education provider that fulfils the rigorous assessment criteria laid out by AACPS. The AACPS accreditation process provides the AEduP an opportunity to ensure that their organization is following the latest industry best practices and can compete at an international level. The AACPS Accredited Education Provider (AEduP) uses courseware which is validated by AACPS and is evaluated as per international standards. AACPS Accreditation as an Accredited Education Provider (AEduP) ensures that the AEduP uses right teachers / trainers / tutors / coach for delivering the courses.
AACPS has instituted a very effective system through which it evaluates schools / colleges / institutes / educational organisations based on global educational practices— Scoring Model. You can earn AACPS’s prestigious accreditation in record time of 15 days, thanks to its simple accreditation procedure. To earn the accreditation status all you have to do is fill in an application form, submit validation documents and carry out an on-site / off-site visit of your educational campus. AACPS Panel of experts in the respective domain will review your campus, trainers, courseware, study material, etc. Once you get the accreditation, you will be able to raise your standing and reputation globally. We will also provide you useful tips and guidelines that will further help you better your educational standards.
AACPS grants accreditation to all educational organisations across the globe to assure students / parents that they have opted for the right place to meet their learning and development needs. AACPS’s international accreditation provides students complete satisfaction that they are rightly investing in their future, which will give them dividends in the future.
Educational organisations that show deep commitment to enhancing their educational standards and providing exciting student-driven facilities can easily get AACPS’s reputed accreditation.

Who can apply to become an Accredited Education Provider (AEduP)?

  • An elementary school offering formal education to children.

  • A primary school providing the initial compulsory education

  • A Pre-school/nursery education

  • A secondary school - intermediate in level between elementary school and college/university.

  • A secondary school that offers general, technical, vocational courses

  • A college providing curriculum designed by universities

  • A management school providing master’s program

  • An educational institute / organisation providing certifications or courses

  • A Training organisation providing trainings

  • A coaching class / organisation

Benefits of becoming AEduP:

There are tremendous benefits in being associated with AACPS as an AEduP. Few of those are:
  • When the AEduP displays the AACPS Accreditation, it depicts to all those who wish to eductaionon the respective domain that the AeduP follows the highest international standards of teaching and course contents are guaranteed by the AACPS accreditation.

  • AACPS accreditation displays that the education provider uses only knowledgeable Trainers / Teachers who has the right competencies to deliver education on the respective domain

  • AACPS accreditation depicts to all those who wish to seek education that the AEduP will follow the appropriate methodology as defined in the AACPS

  •  AACPS Accreditation displays that the education provider delivers the education in a robust and consistent manner
  • This international accreditation can provide your education provider an edge over your competitors and help you gain more business

  • This accreditation permits the education provider to publicise that they are an AACPS Accredited Education Provider

  • The AACPS Accredited Education Provideris Licensed to appropriately use the official AACPS Accredited Education Providerlogo on your promotional and service portfolios and other materials with our prior permissions

  • This accreditation will bring the education providername in the Listing of the organization and its services in a searchable AACPS Accredited Provider Database, which receives between 40,000 and 80,000 visits per month
AEduP Accreditation Criteria:
AACPS takes the approval of Accredited Education Providervery seriously and has adopted a multi-stage process and defined criteria areas that organizations must comply with to earn and maintain the AACPS Accredited Education Providerstatus. In these areas, Organisations must :
  • Provide evidence of legal existence – Certificate of Incorporation or Partnership deed

  • Provide evidence of organizational maturity or existence in the education field. This can be a declaration by your chartered accountant / owner

  • Provide your organization goals, mission and general strategic direction adopted by the education provider

  • Provide the Quality procedures and baselines that are followed in the organization

  • Demonstrate that your course contents are in line with the International standards or yourorganisation is using Courseware from an Accredited Courseware Provider

  • Provide company website and brochure or corporate presentation

  • Provide the Organisational Chart

  • Provide the Instructor Evaluation process

  • Maintain Quality and trust with AACPS

  • Abide by the rules and regulations defined by AACPS
AEduP Accreditation Fees
For AACPS Accreditation detailed fee structure kindly contact us on our email id
Our team will get back to you with the detailed procedure and Fee structure.
The AEduP Accreditation Application Process
Step One: Submit an intent letter introducing your education provideron below points at
    • Which educational courses do you offer

    • Why would you like to get associated with us

    • Which region / country you belong to

    • Your Legal Name

    • One point of contact with your contact details with contact no and email address
You will receive a reply to your Intent letter within 7 working days from our Accreditation Department representative.
Step Two : If your educational organisation is valid and is in-line with our strategic goals we will send you the AACPS Accreditation Education ProviderApplication form.
Duly fill the Application and send it back to along with the documents mentioned in AEduP Accreditation Criteria with a demand draft / wire transfer of Application fees.
Step Three : Before the application is assigned to a Panel of Experts, AACPS lets you know whom your application has been assigned in order to avoid conflict of interest.
Step Four : The application is sent to the Panel of Experts board, which uses a standard set of procedures and guidelines to conduct the review.
Step Five : The Panel of Experts board provides AACPS Accreditation Department with a summary report including a Scoring Model sheet with Expectancy chart based on which AACPS will decide whether to go ahead with the education provideror not.
Step Six : AACPS will consider the Panel of Experts Board recommendations and will notify you of the decision.
Step Seven : If approved, the education providerwill be intimated with formal email by the AACPS Accreditation Department. You will be given an interim approval before the final approval is given.
An education providerhas to submit the Courseware to AACPS Accreditation Department within the period of 1 year of the payment of Accreditation fees in order to get the final approval letter. The education providercan also use the courseware from an International Accredited Courseware Provider.
If the education providerwishes to develop its own courseware, it has to prepare its courseware in line with the international standards on the respective topic.
If you are denied approval, you have 30 days to appeal.
This complete application process typically takes 10 to 15 business days.
Step Eight : On receipt of payment from the education provider, AACPS Accreditation Department will send the education providerthe Certificate of Approval within 30 working days.
AACPS will enter the name and details of the AACPS Accredited Education Providerin AACPS Accredited Provider Database.
Step Nine :The AACPS Accreditation Department conducts periodic reviews of the courseware and the educational programs conducted as a Quality measure. The AACPS Accredited Education Providerhas to follow all the rules and regulations specified by AACPS Accreditation Department.
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