HACCP certification for Organisation
AACPS Global provides internationally recognized certification defined by HACCP to organisations. Our certification is mainly targeted to all organizations like companies, educational institutions, pharmaceutical companies, mechanical or engineering companies, fire and safety or any organisation which is legally formed in your own territory or country. AACPS aims to validate the Food and safety procedureand certifies the organisation as HACCP certified. AACPS Global Panel of experts has been qualified by experienced experts in the sector according to international standards.
That makes AACPS Global, the certification body in the United Kingdom with this special skills profile and guarantees an edge with the competition, transparency and quality – to the benefit of companies and their customers.
What is HACCP?
The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification enables to demonstrate commitment to food HACCP safety and customer satisfaction, as well as continuously meeting the expectations of a changing world
HACCP is an international principle defining the requirements for effective control of food safety. HACCP compliance/ HACCP certification helps organisations focus on the hazards affecting food safety and hygiene and also identifies them by setting up control limits at critical points during the food production process.
For whom is HACCP relevant?
HACCP is a truly international standard suitable for any business in the entire food chain, including inter-related organizations such as producers of food grains, food processors, food warehouses, food processing equipment’s, food packaging materials, food cleaning agents, food additives and food ingredients.
HACCP sets the standards of Food and Safety procedures across the organizationto make the organization more effective and efficient as to meet the increasing needs of their discriminating customers.
Documents needed by an organisation
  • Legal document
    • Certificate of incorporation
    • Agreement of partner (Incase of partnership firm)
    • Formation documents (Incase of self – owned proprietor organisation)
  • Application for HACCP certification
Duration for the process
10-15days from submission of application and documents
Benefits of HACCP Certification
Certifying food management system against the requirements of HACCP will bring the following benefits to organizations:
  • Applicable to all organizations in the global food supply chain

  • A truly global international standard

  • Provides potential for harmonization of national standards

  • Covers the majority of the requirements of the current retailer food safety standards

  • Complies with the Codex HACCP principles

  • Provides communication of HACCP concepts internationally

  • An auditable standard with clear requirements which provides a framework for third-party certification

  • Suitable for regulators

  • The structure aligns with the management system clauses of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

  • Enables communication about hazards with partners in the supply chain
Additionally, HACCP certification has below benefits:
  • System approach, rather than product approach

  • Resource optimization - internally and along the food chain

  • All control measures are subjected to hazard analysis

  • Better planning - less post process verification

  • Improved documentation

  • Systematic management of prerequisite programmes

  • Increased due diligence

  • Dynamic communication on food safety issues with suppliers, customers, regulators and other interested parties
A systematic and proactive approach to identification of food safety hazards and development and implementation of control measures.
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