The structure of AACPSGlobal, UKis such as to give confidence to our candidates, partners and all our stakeholders in our certifications. In particular, we have a documented structure which includes provisions to assure the impartiality of our operations, to manage any potential conflict of interest with our staff and contractors and to ensure the objectivity of all our certification activities. This structure enables the participation of all parties significantly concerned in the development of the certification schemes.
Trust and honesty are paramount in a certification body and, to ensure that we work in accordance with our own standards; AACPS Global, UKhas established an Ethics and Standards Board. The Board is led by an independent Member Board with extensive management experience in the public and private sectors, which brings integrity and leadership to the Board's activities. The Board is free to investigate anything we do and to speak to anyone employed by AACPS Global, UK to ensure that we actually do and deliver what we say we will.
The Members of the Board are appointed from various domain and industry segments. The member board is appointed based on the election and vendor method. The Member board election takes place twice a year where the chair person is appointed. The chair person monitors the member board and the committee members. If there are any escalations or complaints from any Accredited Training Partners, Accredited Examination partners, Accredited Courseware providers or Accredited Trainer the issue is been escalated to the Member board committee. All the issues or complaints are been discussed in the Board meetings by the committee. The Chair person himself / herself investigates the concerns and takes an unbiased decision. Our Member Board committee is focussed towards excellent service and just decisions and actions to be taken.
The Member Board is responsible for ensuring that AACPS Global, UKadheres to good governance standards and works ethically, representing the interests of all our stakeholders.
There is a Member Board committee meeting on regular basis on last week of every month. You can contact the member board committee at chair@aacpsglobal.org for any queries, questions, escalations, concerns, complaints, etc. If you wish to become the part of the Member Board committee you can contact us at chair@aacpsglobal.org along with your profile and we will get back to you on the same within 10 working days.
Your email will be addressed within 7 working days. If the concern is critical it will be taken to the Member Board committee meeting and will be addressed within 4 working days after the committee meeting date.
The Member Board committee is been currently headed Ms.Aleese Terrain who is one of the former Member of AACPS Global, UK.
Aleese Terrain  

Chair and Head of Certification Department

Aleease Terrain is one of the foundermembers of AACPS Global. She has been associated with AACPS right from the formation. Aleese is responsible of the certification department. Her prime responsibilities is to assure impartiality of the exams been conducted. Before AACPS Global, Aleese was a part of BCS technology as one of the prime board member. She has been as a consultant to Open Government of Commerce, UK and has contributed for its progress.
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