What is AACPS Membership?
“Join our Member community and get the best out of it”
You will be eligible for a discount on any exam of 100 USD on any exam you apply for. Additionally you will be eligible for our free newsletters and resources. You receive a Member card through which you can join our free webinars, forums, etc.
AACPS membership provides anopen gateway for everyone to get involved in best practices of AACPS. You can also contribute to the local communityof your expertise.
Benefits of becoming AACPS Member
access to resources of AACPS free of cost
opportunity to network and connect with the member community .
you will be recognized as someone who can contribute to AACPS communities.
Your involvement towards good practices.
It shows your dedication toward your profession in ethical manner.
It gives you an edge in the job market .
It adds a differentiator among your colleagues and other stakeholders.
100 USD discount on every exam that you appear for.
40% on re-attempt of the exam.
Priority while exam booking.
You will have opportunities to contribute for the society, to foster your domainknowledge and people management skills, and to advance in your professional career locally and globally.
You'll also get a benefit while booking any exam. You will save money 100 USD for every exam you appear. Additionally, you get a waiver of 40% for the re-attempt of any exam. As a member, you receive discounts on the cost of certification exams, webinars, gathering and events organized by AACPS globally. You also receive discounts on the books or other resources published by AACPS.
AACPS Global has a lot to offer you at every stage of your career—whether you're just starting out, building upon years of experience, or advancing to high levels of responsibility and leadership.
If you are not a leader in your domain but want to know more about your own domain, membership will open doors for you as well.You can network with expert practitioners. Gain knowledge and tools to advance the goals of your organization. Become better-informed as a leader or supporter or project teams.
If you're a trainer, coach, researcher or educator, membership will provide you a platform here you can connect to people, data, information, files, forums and resources that can educate you in your domain.
Are you already AACPS member?
God for you as you can stay connected with AACPS and the AACPS Member community. If not, become a member today.
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